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at Waco Civic Theatre


The Waco Family & Faith Theater Festival was launched in 2021 to celebrate stories of family and faith on stage. Through this festival, we aim to to help provide more accessible cultural experiences to people of all ages in Waco, Central Texas, and beyond!

Stay tuned for upcoming programming!


PAST  Shows



February 10-13, 2022


THURGOOD is a one-man play about the life of Thurgood Marshall. It was written by George Stevens, Jr. A revival started on Broadway at the Booth Theatre on April 30, 2008, starring Laurence Fishburne. THURGOOD depicts the life of Thurgood Marshall, the first African American Supreme Court justice, and his role in the historic decision on the Brown v. Board of Education case.

COVID-19 Guidelines followed.

having our say.png

Having Our Say

February 24-27, 2022


This delightful show opens as 103-year-old Sadie Delany and 101-year-old Bessie Delany welcome us into their Mount Vernon, New York, home. As they prepare a celebratory dinner in remembrance of their father’s birthday, they take us on a remarkable journey through the last hundred years of our nation’s history, recounting a fascinating series of events and anecdotes drawn from their rich family history and careers as pioneering African-American professionals. Their story is not simply African-American history or women’s history. It is our history, told through the eyes of two unforgettable women as they look not only into the past, but also ahead into the twenty-first century.

COVID-19 Guidelines followed.

An Adam Experiment_Production Shot.jpg

An Adam Experiment

February 4-7, 2021


An Adam Experiment is a one-man play that explores a day in the life of Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., a pioneering crusader for justice during the Civil Rights movement and member of the U.S. House of Representatives. This play touches on Adam’s fight for equality for African Americans as well as struggles in his personal life. 

Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. comes to life through the incredible performance by Michael Chenevert and focuses on a specific day where he is dealing with an angry country due to integration and his wife confronting him about the future of their marriage.

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