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Toliver Chapel

Missionary Baptist Church

Address: 1402 Elm Ave, Waco, TX 76704

Phone(254) 799-2181

greater zion.jpg

Greater Zion

Missionary Baptist Church

Address: 2625 S 18th St, Waco, TX 76706

Phone(254) 754-0660


St. Alban's Episcopal Church

Address: 305 N 30th St, Waco, TX 76710

Phone(254) 752-1773

first woodway.jpg

First Woodway Baptist Church

Address: 101 N Ritchie Rd, Woodway, TX 76712


Phone(254) 772-9696

ridgewood country club.jpg

Ridgewood Country Club

Address: 7301 Fish Pond Rd, Waco, TX 76710

Phone(254) 772-0160


Waco Civic Theatre

Address: 1517 Lake Air Dr, Waco, TX 76710

Phone(254) 776-1591

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